Moon Nectar Apothecary ORANGE Color Healing Bath

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Color is light emitted through electromagnetic waves in the form of projected particle energy which produces form. Our bodies are formed from a color coded chakra system which interprets colors based on an ability to heal and find universal balance. Ultraviolet light is essential to all life on earth.

Orange is on the active/ yang end of the spectrum as it produces heat and energy of action. Excellent to unblock repressed emotions as it corresponds to our sacral chakra where our sexual organs reside. This energy is highly creative and boost your zest for life as it helps clear repressed energy.

Entering into this orange vibration will instantly surround you in a cocoon of exuberant creative energy. This color invites vitality for life and expression through artistic pursuits. For unblocking and moving stagnant energy. Awakens the birth of poteniality and seeks a thrill and experience through what it is to be alive. Orange is the color of independence and co-dependence, emphasizing relationship to self in our goals and of other in community. For making plans to live a full life, free from the binds that restrict us from adventure, joy and escape from the mundane. Birthing ideas, and uplifting you if you are feeling depressed. Releases blocked emotions to help create eternal friendships, community and reflection of our true self.

Good luck
Moves energy

Ingredients | epsom salt, tangerine powder, annato powder, mango powder, turmeric, calendula, citrine gem essence, mica pigment oxide, & various essential oils