Moon Nectar Apothecary SOFT PINK Color Healing Bath

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Color is light emitted through electromagnetic waves in the form of projected particle energy which produces form. Our bodies are formed from a color coded chakra system which interprets colors based on an ability to heal and find universal balance. Ultraviolet light is essential to all life on earth.

PINK is what I consider one of the spiritual centralized colors in the spectrum similar to green, turquoise and magenta  It is connected to our thymus chakra which is a minor chakra between the heart and throat.  It is a very feminine and tender color that reminds us of our youth and romance. It is an excellent color for healing the heart or heavy emotions and aggression. 

Entering into this soft pink vibration will instantly surround you in a cocoon of feminine healing energy. This color reminds us of the safety we felt in our first point of origin, the womb.  It is our commonality as humans and what connects us all to the archetype of the mother.  It helps us calm our erratic fears and heavy emotions transforming our sadness and grief  to make way for healing.  The energy of pink reminds us to tend to our own needs so we may allow openness to others away from fear of vulnerability.  Allowing a connection to all things in loving oneness.  Love being the most powerful vibration on earth.  Romance and dreaminess reminds us of the beauty of life.  Our sense of youthfulness and euphoria is depicted in the vibration persuading self-care rituals.

Calms emotions

Ingredients | epsom salt, coconut milk powder, cherry powder, strawberry powder, grapefruit powder, beetroot powder, jasmine, rose quartz hen essence & various essential oils