Crystal Power

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12 Essential Crystals for Health and Healing by Kac Young PhD

Heal more deeply and restore your spirit with this innovative guide to enhancing your crystal practice. Featuring a brand-new approach to wellness. Crystal Power shows you how to pair the twelve best healing with a variety of spiritual tools and techniques. Ever stone receives a thorough breakdown of its purposes, along with practical tips for using it with chakras, essential oils, astrological signs, goddess energy, and much more. 

Clear Quartz | Amethyst | Citrine | Rose Quartz | Fluorite | Black Tourmaline | Jade | Turquoise | Red Jasper | Carnelian | Lapis Lazuli | Selenite 

Esteemed author and healer Kac Young PhD provides expert advice for working with these crystals to help improve all aspects of your health. Integrate the stones with archetypes to heal emotional wounds. Combine them with the laws of karma to repurpose your life. This revolutionary guide also provides hands-on practices, a color insert, and a step-by-step crystal healing session, making it an indispensable resource.