Daily Magic

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Spells and rituals for making the whole year magical by Judika Illes

The year is filled with magical dates, if only we knew when and how to celebrate them. How often do we discover that it is the perfect day for a sorely needed magic spell, but, because we didn't know until the last minute, we lack the supplies and an opportunity for spell-casting and magical celebration is lost?

Let's take control of our destinies by looking ahead to tap into each day's inherent power.

 1. Ideal spells to cast on a specific day, or ingredients to gather to prepare for spells later that week

2. Goddesses, spirits, saints, and the feast days when venerating them is most powerful

3. Rituals, potions, and recipes to assist with love, fertility, money, protection, guidance, and more

4. Power days and moveable feasts that allow you to organize you schedule in a more magical way

Judika Illes, author of the bestselling Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells, has created the most useful tool yet for equipping and empowering your most magical year ever. Use this book day by day through the calendar year; it is chock-full of spells, rituals, feasts, spirits and saints to venerate, and tips to help you harness the power of each day of the year.