Revolutionary Witchcraft

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A Guide To Magical Activism

Power is political. Magic is power. A bold guide for activists and witches alike, Revolutionary Witchcraft explores the history and practice of politically motivated magic. From social justice to environmental activism, this radical re-imagining of civic engagement addresses today's most pressing problems with empowering, inclusive spell work. Classic rituals, from creating charged symbols to calling on ancestors, are paired with core organizing tactics, like engaging in protests and rallying allies, in the blueprint for building an ideologically grounded magical praxis. With actionable ideas and an appendix full of customizable rites, Revolutionary Witchcraft is the perfect companion for the mystical uprising. 

Sarah Lyons is a writer, activist, witch, and occultist. She has practiced witchcraft for ever ten years, and her work and writing have appeared in Teen Vogue, Vice, Buzzfeed, Broadly, and Slutist, among others. An active member of the Democratic Socialists of America and the DSA EcoSocialist Working Group, Sarah lives in New York City.