Aventurine Raw

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Have you ever wanted something so hard but can't seem to find the drive or the support your need, well grab an Aventurine. This stone gives us a push to go get what we want. Aventurine is the stone of optimism and insures that we CAN and WILL reach our dreams, okay?  It helps you enjoy life by bringing good luck, new discoveries, and prosperity. Aventurine's water energy washes away any unresolved issues, like trust, and brings emotional healing and growth. So baby, if you need a little help finding that spark and feeling like you belong in this world, Aventurine is your stone!

Aligns with the Heart Chakra

Phsyical healing properties of Aventuring include improved circulation for a stronger heart, calms nausea, and brings a new "aventure" by boosting fertility.

Crystals will be intuitively chosen and blessed and cleansed