Blackjack Wax Co. - No. 05 Mermaid

by Velvet Witch


The salty ocean breeze that keeps a Sailor at Sea... Orange Blossoms + Musk + Sea Salt

Blackjack Wax Co. is an artisan candle company located in Meridian Mississippi, run by husband and wife team Patrick & Courtney Trawick.

Blackjack Wax Co.’s focus is creating high quality, small batch soy candles. Each candle is personally hand-poured in batches of ten or less, from their home in Mississippi.

The soy wax is American grown, and has a beautiful rich milky color. They choose soy for it's clean nontoxic burn and wonderful scent throw. Soy is also a renewable resource.

All natural braided cotton wicks are used for a clean nontoxic burn. The wicks are always lead free.

The fragrances are made from high quality fragrance & all natural essential oils.

For real.  Don’t leave a candle unattended.  

+ 1/2 lb. soy candle

+ 35-40 hr burn time