Celestial Bodies

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Celestial Bodies is an all-in-one astrology and numerology learning tool and oracle deck. It is the only deck of its kind - fully integrating beautiful, cosmic landscape artwork on the oracle cards with in-depth knowledge of astrology and numerology in the accompanying guidebook. This deck contains 83 beautifully illustrated digital collage cards (plus one secret bonus card) and the guidebook is 370 pages long. It includes all of the information you could want to gain a greater sense of self-understanding. The numerology section dives into how to calculate your numbers, and what they mean. 

  • The TRAVEL size of Celestial Bodies is 100x124mm
  • The guidebook comes in a decorative two-piece lift box, and due to its thickness is divided into volumes I and II.
  • The cards are edged in a beautiful rainbow holographic foil.