Madame Clairevoyant's Guide to the Stars

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Astrology, our icons, and our selves by Claire Comstock-Gay

Whether your believe it to be true or not is irrelevant; astrology's job has never been to give us a preordained vision of the future or to sort us into twelve neat personality types. Instead, the stars and the planets are more like mirrors that show us who we are and how to be in, and move through, the world; of how certain people do it differently and what we can learn by studying them.

In Madame Clairevoyant's Guide to the Stars, Claire Comstock-Gay brings the sky down to Earth and examines some popular "stars"-- from Aretha Franklin to Mr. Rogers; from poets in Cancer to punk singers in Scorpio-- to show us what they have to say about being human. In her signature wise and lyrical prose, Claire illuminates the ways each sign is more complicated, beautiful, and surprising than you might have been told. Perhaps, she suggests, it's okay to be a seeker, to hunger for self-knowledge-- and if astrology is the vehicle for that inquiry, so be it. 

Combining heavenly insights with the earthly wisdom of a writer living an examined life, Madame Clairevoyant's Guide to the Stars is a fresh and profound invitation to know one's self better, and for us to see one another more clearly.