Moon Nectar Apothecary EMERALD Color Healing Bath

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Color is light emitted through electromagnetic waves in the form of projected particle energy which produces form. Our bodies are formed from a color coded chakra system which interprets colors based on an ability to heal and find universal balance. Ultraviolet light is essential to all life on earth.

Emerald or green is smack dab in the center of the color spectrum. It is associated with our heart chakra which is the body’s central organ. This energy is important and powerful in keeping the flow within our system and in life, always keeping a balance. Green can often be substituted for many other colors in healing as it is known as the master healer and nature’s chlorophyll.

Entering into this emerald vibration will instantly surround you in a cocoon of calm and peaceful energy. This color amplifies harmony in the heart space to magnify our love for the earth, and our relationship to all living things. Green oxygenates to remind us of our breath through releasing what does not belong and transforming negativity with our exhale. It helps when feeling boxed in, so that we may grow and regenerate rather than feeling small or trapped in circumstance. Nourishing to the body and spirit so it can convert energy and create balance to promote healing. It helps invite love for our projects and work to create abundance through pleasure and realigning the pathways of the spirit. Directs us into spaces of enlightenment to enter into our soul purpose with openness.

master healer

Ingredients | epsom salt, matcha powder, spirulina powder, lime powder, wheatgrass, hawthorn, malachite gem essence, & various essential oils