Moon Nectar Apothecary MAGENTA Color Healing Bath

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Color is light emitted through electromagnetic waves in the form of projected particle energy which produces form. Our bodies are formed from a color coded chakra system which interprets colors based on an ability to heal and find universal balance. Ultraviolet light is essential to all life on earth.

Magenta is composed of red and violet, both at opposite ends of the spectrum and therefore is the best balancing color. Magenta is driven and nonconforming as its energy is aquarian in nature. It helps to stabilize emotion and connect us to our own loving reflection.

Entering into this magenta vibration will instantly surround you in a cocoon of emotional healing and most importantly empowerment. This color is for those with self-confidence enough to possess a magnetism for attracting their will and desires. You are sure-footed and your wounds are healing themselves through the love you are surrounding yourself and your aura with. This invites the innovator, the artist, those who dance to their own beat and will never conform with what is deemed the “right way” as they possess “their own way.” Breathing in this color and allowing it into your auric field like a warm blanket around your heart- you are taking control of your destiny as it finds you when you are wholly committed to yourself.

Add desired contents to bath and circulate. You are invited to light candles, add flowers, crystals or magical tools of your choosing. As you enter the water take three deep breaths inhaling the color into your body and aura as it surrounds you in a loving cocoon of energy. To continue your color work you can sleep on a pillowcase or use an eye mask of this color. Wear magenta clothing, eat magenta foods, use our color spray or drink from a colored bottle or filter of solar charged water. You can meditate daily while looking at magenta or create an altar for the color. You can also work with crystals of your choosing or place them around the bath. Please check if it is a safe crystal for putting in your bath directly before doing so.


Ingredients | Epsom salt, Dragonfruit powder, Magenta mica pigment, jasmine, rose, passionflower, lavender, rose quartz gem essence & various essential oils.