Moon Nectar Apothecary SCARLET Color Healing Bath

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Color is light emitted through electromagnetic waves in the form of projected particle energy which produces form. Our bodies are formed from a color coded chakra system which interprets colors based on an ability to heal and find universal balance. Ultraviolet light is essential to all life on earth.

Red has the lowest frequency and longest wave length in the spectrum. It is active in nature exciting our sensory experience and arousing our physicality. Red is very literal and helps us to unblock and unclog our pathway boosting forward motion. It is our liberator from fear or stagnation and helps us ground into our earthly physical energy to enliven us.

Entering into this scarlet vibration will instantly surround you in a coocoon of grounding energy, and motivation. This color is for those who are looking to unblock their pathwayand liberate themselves from their fears of moving forward. This color corresponds to theroot chakra where ancestral trauma and experiences can store and block us from forwardmomentum. This is an active yang color that helps heighten our sensory awareness, instinctand sexual desires. It is practical and uses expression through the carnal body as itintuits emotions through the physical. This color is for those ready for awakening and aself revolution from fear of the future by grounding in the present moment of nowness.

Add desired contents to bath and circulate. You are invited to light candles, add flowers, crystals or magical tools of your choosing. As you enter the water take three deep breaths inhaling the color into your body and aura as it surrounds you in a loving cocoon of energy. To continue your color work you can use a red pillowcase, eye mask, clothing, foods, crystals, use our color spray or solar charge your drinking water with a red filter, or colored glass bottle. Practice color breath work, create an altar, or use sound frequency

Aids recovery

Ingredients | epsom salt, beetroot powder, tomato powder, strawberry powder, red clover, hibiscus, carnelian gem essence, mica pigment oxide, & various essential oils