Spiritual Tarot: Seventy-Eight Paths to Personal Development

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Charting the Sacred Journey

Spiritual Tarot will take you far beyond traditional Tarot card glimpses of the future, and into the deepest recesses of your own mind. Using the three major Tarot decks -- Rider-Waite, Aquarian, and Morgan Greer -- you'll be guided on a breathtaking journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Like an interactive "picture book" of life experience the cards will help you to:

  • Explore the archetypal mysteries
  • Discover the ten growth lessons and the four levels of maturity
  • Learn the significance of wands, cups, swords, and pentacles and how to expand the card meanings
  • Interpret your readings

Written by the authors of The Lovers' Tarot, Spiritual Tarotis the life map you need to determine where you are going and discover how best to get there.