Fire Quartz Palm Stone

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Also known as Hematoid quartz, Fire Quartz is a powerful stone that removes negativity and transforms it into a loving and happy vibration. It possesses the same amplification power of Clear Quartz in addition to the stabilizing energy of Hematite. A good balancing stone it aligns the mind, body, and spirit. Fire Quartz helps bring focus and clarity especially relating to our emotions, it can boost our self esteem and self worth.

Aligns with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Physical healing properties of Fire Quartz include boosting immunity, increasing focus in people with ADD and ADHD, treatment of blood disorders, improvement of liver and kidney functions.

We will intuitively choose the stone for you and each stone will be blessed and cleansed.

Due to the nature of this stone the color and size you receive may vary from that in the photo.