The Cosmos Oracle

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Minimalistic Quantum Oracle Deck

For Space and Universe lovers

Jea Parrinella made this 74 holographic deck with astronomy concepts because all her life she's been interested in quantum physics, Nasa discoveries and how the Universe works up there. All you will find in the cards are real astronomy concepts such as: Relativity, Black Holes, Warm Holes, Time and Space among others channelled into spiritual world.

Soy inks, Recycling, and Eco-friendly materials.

74 Holographic Cards with minimal icons and astronomy concepts

Size: 7x12cm

Hard cover guidebook with 116 pages with 5D info. Portal activations, cards channelling and NASA pictures

Cloth with Universe grid and space for portal activation for the cards

Size: 50x50cm

2 original post cards

"The moon” and “The sky”

All wrapped with sustainable and Eco-friendly materials.
The Cosmos Oracle
The Cosmos Oracle
The Cosmos Oracle