A Radical Awakening

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Turn your pain into power, Embrace your truth, Live Free by Dr.Shefali 

In her most personal and powerful book to date, New York Times best selling author and renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali guides women on a transformational journey to become who they were always meant to be: fully present, whole, and free.

"This book is about your awakening. It is an ode and homage to your authentic self, the self that is waiting to be birthed anew. We all yearn to be free. Yet we feel encaged in our daily lives, consumed by fear and unworthiness. What these pages promise you is a path out of the cage toward a new vision of yourself." - Dr. Shefali

Filled with profound psychological truths, incredible stories of personal evolution, and Dr. Sefali's compassionate and eye-opening insights, A Radical Awakening illuminates a liberating, culture-shifting, and mind bending path that unlocks our extraordinary capacity to transform fear into power, unworthiness into wholeness, and suffering into freedom.