Black Onyx Raw

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Also known as the stone of new beginnings, Black Onyx gives you strength and enhanced self-control, stimulating the power of wise decision-making, so that you can face your shadow self with courage and acknowledge the important lessons you need to learn in order to release the old negative pattern and traumas. Extremely grounding and loving to you as it helps your healing journey during times of grief, mourning, and depression encouraging happiness and good fortune. It will keep you protected and help you have a peaceful sleep. 

Aligns with the root chakra.

Physical healing properties of Black Onyx includes aiding in treatment of disorders of the bones, bone marrow, and blood. Also beneficial for feet and teeth. 

We will intuitively choose the stone for you and each stone will be blessed and cleansed.

Due to the nature of this stone the color and size you receive may vary from that in the photo.