Gold Sheen Obsidian Tumbled

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Gold Sheen, girrl, you are as hot as the lava you formed from. We all love obsidian for its protective properties. It's brilliant for cleansing your aura and blocking you from psychic attacks. However, this is Gold Sheen Obsidian, so that adds more magic benefits!  Gold Sheen Obsidian issa VERY powerful tool for scrying, looking into a reflective surface in hopes to see or receive any messages or visions. So Gold Sheen's super reflective surface helps you see and pin-point any internal problems or worries, and sends you messages of power and knowledge of how to correct the problem, heal from any emotional trauma, and protect yourself for the future. 

Aligns with the Root and Solar Plexus chakra 

Physical healing properties of Gold Sheen Obsidian include relieving pain from disorders of the stomach, like digestion and ulcers. Also can aid with stress management.

We will intuitively choose the stone for you and each stone will be blessed and cleansed.

Due to the nature of this stone the color and size you receive may vary from that in the photo.