Just The Essentials

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How essentials oils can heal your skin, improve your health, and detox your life by Adina Grigore 

For millennia, essential oils have played a key role in health and beauty rituals. From references in the bible to Hippocrates's study of more than three hundred plant oils to Cleopatra's pioneering use of fragrance, essential oils were prized throughout human history both for their potent healing powers and for their intoxicating scents.

But in modern times essential oils largely fell out of favor, relegated to those dusty, amber-colored glass vials shelved in the back of health food stores. That is until today, as a new generation of health-conscious consumers are returning to these pure, plant-based extracts for skincare solutions, toxin-free home cleaning, and homeopathic remedies.

In Just The Essentials, Adina Grigore, the author of Skin Cleanse, and the founder of the skincare line S.W. Basics, offers a contemporary guide to these ancient oils. Adina explains that essential oils are so powerful that they're the active ingredients in many common drugs. (Ever wonder what makes aspirin such an effective pain reliever? It's not a fancy chemical, it's the meadowsweet plant.)

But it can be frustratingly difficult to find reliable information about essential oils- a simple internet search will yield volumes of misinformation and exaggerated marketing claims. In Just The Essentials, Adina cuts through the hype and offers a fresh, balanced, and authoritative overview of essential oils and how to use them.