Nephrite Jade Tumbled

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Are you ready for something different? Well hold tight because Nephrite Jade is going to take you on a mental, spiritual, and physical journey! While it does help you to cleanse your aura, it's going to really help you self reflect to see what you no longer need in your life to let that shit go. Nephrite jade is believed to promote the qualities of Buddha in its wearers: exuding peace, bringing balance and believing in your strength especially during unpleasant scenarios. It creates a protective energetic field around you reminding you that you are safe. This is a calming stone that will put your mind at ease to help you relax and feel more confident in yourself. 

Aligns with the Heart Chakra

We will intuitively choose the stone for you and each stone will be blessed and cleansed.

Due to the nature of the stone, the color and size you receive may vary from that in the photo.