Selenite Sticks

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Do you need a "reset" button in your life? One that brings a soothing sense of calm and mental clarity, Selenite is your crystal. With its high vibration, Selenite clears any negative vibes or energy blockages making it an effective space and aura cleanser. Use in your home for protection and harmony. When meditating with Selenite you access your intuition and open channels to other worlds. This allows you communicate with guides and ancestors and dive into past lives. So basically if you want to awaken those psychic abilities and start communicating with other dimensions you need to get yourself some Selenite!

Aligns with your Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras.

Physical healing properties of Selenite include clear and protecting your hair, skins and eyes from free radicals. Also is ideal for stress relief. 

Crystals will be intuitively chosen and blessed and cleansed

1 4in stick of selenite