Sodapup Cherry Pie Treat Holder & Power Chewer Dog Toy

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Choosing this toy for your dog is easy as pie! If you have been to our store, I'm sure you've seen these little pies laying around for our shop familiars, Charlie and Nala, they're obsessed with it! If your have a dog that loves to chew this is, no doubt, the toy for them!

POWER CHEWERS | This ultra-durable nylon toy in the shape of a slice of Cherry Pie is designed and built to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. This toy helps keep your dog entertained and solves problem chewing behaviors.

    REDUCES PROBLEM BEHAVIORS | Reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety.
      PEANUT BUTTER HOLDER | Smear peanut butter or other soft into the cavities on the top of the toy to give your dog a treat and keep them entertained.
        FRESH BREATH | This toy helps keep your dog's teeth clean and freshens breath.
          ONE SIZE FITS ALL | This toy is designed for dogs 15-80 lbs/7-36 kg.
            SAFE | Our nylon is FDA compliant and non-toxic. 

              MADE IN USA | Proudly keeping jobs in America. Designed and manufactured in the USA!

                VETERINARIAN APPROVED | Veterinarian Approved.

                No dog toy is indestructible, please remove, and replace worn or damaged toys if they are too small to chew safely.